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Damp Proofing

"Why do I have to have the plaster removed when you install a new damp proof course? It looks sound enough?"
"I have a single brick wall on a lean-to type extension. This wall is very damp because next door's drive is higher than the floor level inside. What can be done to stop the damp and mould?"
"How can I tell if the house has condensation problems or it is rising damp "


"What is condensation?"
"What is the difference between Rising damp and condensation?"
"Should I ignore condensation?"

Wet & Dry Rot

"What causes timbers to decay?"
"How much will it cost to treat timber decay and will you give me a fixed price quotation for the work?"
"What can I expect to happen if I don’t have the problem treated?"
"How can you prevent rot in the first place?"
"What is the difference between Dry rot and Wet rot ?"
"What will happen if I leave the rot and don’t have it treated?"
"How can rot be prevented in the first place?"


"I’ve discovered a number of insects on the window sill in my dining room. Do I have woodworm?"
"My property was treated for an infestation of woodworm last year, but a few insects have been appearing this year. Didn’t the treatment work?"
"Do you have to treat every area of the property to ensure the woodworm infestation is completely eradicated?"

Wall Ties

"I think my house suffers from wall tie corrosion. Does this means replacing all the ties?"
"What do you do about the old ties?"

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